Open Trip Batu Malang (Foreign)
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Open Trip Batu Malang (Foreign)

Open Trip Batu Malang (Foreign). “Apple City” is identic with the city in East Java, this is Batu. Because Batu city in Malang is known as an “Kota Apel” or “Apple City” is an original product of the apple. The local people process apple into various products, such as jam, chips, and juice. Not only for apple products, Batu city administration also developes the apple farm into tourism object called Apple Picking Tour. Today, Apple Picking Tour which is located in Batu city Malang, has become favorite tourist destination, either for local or international tourist.

Highlight: Get a taste for the real Batu Apple City

Itinerary :

  • Visit Coban Rondo Waterfall
  • Visit Apple Farm
  • Lunch
  • Visit Coban Rais Garden Flower
  • Sunset Hunting on Banyak Mountain 
Group of 2 Group of 3-5 Group of 6-10
600.000/pax 480.000/pax 450.000/pax

Prices in Indonesian Rupiah

Inclusive Of:

  • AC Transport
  • Parking Fee
  • Toll Fee
  • Mineral Water
  • Snack
  • All Entrance Ticket Fee

Not Inclusive of :

  • Lunch

Open Trip Batu Malang, identical and famous as Apple City. The largest agricultural sector in Batu City is an apple plantation. And now apple plantations spread in Batu City have become one of the favorite tourist attractions, both for domestic visitors and local and foreign tourists. Because apples themselves cannot live and develop or bear fruit in all locations in Indonesia. Only places with certain conditions such as in the mountains with cold and cool air, this fruit will grow to the maximum

Choosing a tourist destination in Malang as a means of refrashing or a holiday is not complete if you visit an agro tourism tour of an apple orchard. Without visiting the orchard the apple will feel less, because apples are icons of the city of Batu because this is where the largest apple sectra in Indonesia. Although the development of the world of tourism in Malang is increasingly growing rapidly, the existence of apple orchards continues to grow as well as the development of time.


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